Thursday, August 7, 2014

Set new milestone in foreign exchange reserve

The country’s foreign exchange reserve has made a new record. On Thursday afternoon at 4.15 pm, the central bank’s foreign exchange reserve has reached at $22 billion, which is a new milestone.
According to Bangladesh Bank, the country received a record $1.48 billion dollar of remittance (148 crore and 20 lakh) in July this year. Besides, various private organizations have brought in more than $3 billion of foreign currency as loan from abroad. At the same time, there was growth in exports as well. Foreign exchange income exceeded foreign exchange expense at this time, resulting in a rise of reserve.

Earlier on July 10, Bangladesh Bank’s foreign exchange reserve rose to $21 billion (2111 crore and 80 lakh dollar). Later on June 16, reserve exceeded $21 billion milestone for the first time. On April 10, reserve surpassed $20 billion.